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The cornerstone of modern digital marketing, this strategy is able to drive cost-effective and authentic results for long-term success.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a marketing methodology that focuses on attracting and delighting your target audience through useful and engaging content. Unlike traditional outbound marketing tactics that interrupt and push messages onto potential customers, inbound marketing aims to pull prospects in organically by providing them with the valuable content they are looking for. The best part? It works for both B2C and B2B businesses!

Think about how you shop online: are you more likely to be wanting to buy a product which you know you need and you have been able to do some research about, or something for which you saw an ad for? Sure, when done well ads can indeed push someone to make a purchase, but generally speaking inbound marketing strategies have one big advantage over traditional advertising: intent.

Imagine for a moment that you are a business owner. You could invest a lot of money in advertising to push your product in front of the right audiences, but the truth is that generally speaking only a small percentage of the people you will reach will want to buy your product. With inbound marketing, this is very different: by accompanying customers through their journey - from the moment they understand they need something like what you offer to the instance where they decide you are the best option - you can build something an ad would never be able to do: trust. And trust not only guarantees that people will want to become your customers, but that they will likely come back in the future!

Whether you are new to inbound marketing or simply want to learn more, this is the place where you'll find everything you need.

Inbound marketing fundamentals

Inbound marketing fundamentals



Here ​you will learn the basics of inbound marketing. From understanding what it is to defining your goals and planning your content, this section will prepare you for more advanced topics covered later on.


More to come soon!

Pros and cons of inbound marketing

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